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Database Search and Replace when Migrating WordPress

I usually use notepad++ to replace my local url to the deployed url when migrating WordPress database, and it has no problem so far. However, there will be a time that this method is not appropriated because it will damage PHP serialized strings or objects. This is what happened exactly to me yesterday. 

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How to resize the Google noCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA

I was disappointed that Google embraces their mobile first strategy but forget about their own product.  The Google noCaptcha reCaptcha does drive me crazy when it isn’t responsive on mobile (as you can see on the photo above). 

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How to access your localhost from anywhere

When I want to test my WordPress plugin with Shopify webhook, I have a problem with checking the error from the deployed server because (you know), it is hard to access while you work with many people. I couldn’t ask every time for that, so there is a way that I can access my localhost from anywhere to test. 

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